Saturday, December 29, 2012

Eye of the Leopard

Hey, it's been over a month! So sorry!  This week, my friend Jennifer was visiting, and she demanded that I do her makeup, like, 100 different times.  She requested that I make designs on her eyes, so I made her eye a leopard.

I was very thankful for this video that xsparkage put up a few years ago, otherwise I would
 have had no clue what I was doing.

Looks legit, doesn't it?

  • Inglot 461
  • Inglot 465
  • Inglot 498
  • MAC Studio Fix C3
  • Elf black gel eyeliner
  • Revlon Mascara
  • Elf black liquid eyeliner
  • Urban Decay Perversion liquid eyeliner

I hope you guys like it! Not exactly for everyday wear, but if you're feeling daring it's not too crazy, I think.  And while it was really time consuming to do on my friend's eye, I don't think that it would be nearly as challenging on  yourself as long as you have a steady hand.  

I'm going to try my best to as a new years resolution, post at least one blog post a month. That will make up for me neglecting my youtube channel... Which I'm not sure when I'll get back on. I think that that will only be a very occasional thing for a while.

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