Saturday, October 27, 2012

Paula Dorf Lipstick: Mermaid

I went through an enormous phase for nearly the whole past year where I almost exclusively wore lipstick. No gloss, or at least not very often.  So, I started building up my rather pitiful lipstick collection, and here's my newest addition!

The packaging is very cute. It has the rubberized packaging like that of Nars with little glossy symbols on it. 

Paula Dorf Mermaid.  Okay, yes, Paula Dorf is an expensive brand, but last time I went to Ulta, they had a lot of her stuff on clearance, so I snagged this $22 lipstick for only $6! Score!

That being said, I would definitely not buy this lipstick for full price. I personally don't think that I would buy any lipstick for that price, but I don't recommend this lipstick for people willing to spend that much either.  It's a really pretty coral-peach color with a golden sheen. I usually don't like frosty lipsticks, but this one has a great glow to it. 

Unfortunately, Mermaid has a rather drying consistency.  Not very creamy or moisturizing.  Thus, I much prefer wearing a gloss over it, which also makes the frosty finish a lot more beautiful.  Preferably a good scented gloss, though, because the smell isn't great either. It just smells like old lipstick. Not very pleasant. 

Overally, I don't recommend this lipstick for the price. It's nice, and I'll wear it a lot, because it's a great in-between-red-and-pink shade for me, which I was needing. It's kinda dark, but not as bold as a red.  

Do you like frosty lipsticks? If not, do you find that they're better with a gloss?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Disney Series: Rapunzel

I'm back! Next princess is:

  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Urban Decay Delinquent shadow stick
  • Aromaleigh Aurelie eyeshadow
  • Inglot 375 Matte eyeshadow
  • Wet 'n Wild Petal Pusher Palette
  • Elf Pink Passion blush
  • Cover Girl trio (it's gold, but I don't know the name.)
  • Mac Studio Fix powder in C3
  • Benefit High Beam
  • Mac Nanogold eyeshadow
  • Urban Decay Baked eyeliner
  • Elf black liquid liner
  • Cover Girl Lashblast Volume
  • Elf Pink Passion blush
  • Benefit High Beam
  • Elf Seductive
  • Nyx gloss
  • Revlon Peony lipgloss 

Hope that you guys are liking this series as much as I am, and don't think that it's too played out.  I'm going to try to be more unique by doing characters other than princesses, but I'm not there yet.  I loved how this look came out; it was so vibrant in person. I wish you could have seen it.  Leave your requests for future looks in the comments!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

OPI Sea? I Told You

OPI Sea? I Told You from the 2009 Sunbelieveable collection.

Haha, the messy cuticles return! Sorry about that.

Sea? I Told You. Cute name, huh?  This used to be my favorite nail polish, and it's still way up there. I think it was actually the second OPI nail polish I ever bought. It's a gorgeous aqua with lots of shimmer. Some of the shimmers are a little bigger, and actually stand out on the nail, but they're no where near big enough to be considered glitter.  Unfortunately, this color is rather sheer. I usually have to wear about 4 coats of it. It's such a lovely color, though, so it's worth building up.

Do you hate sheer nail polishes? Love them?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

NYX Glam Shadow Stick in 24 Karat

Have you been liking all of the looks that I've been posting? I love it! But, I also have quite a few product pictures backed up in my folder, so I'm going to do a couple in between looks. Today, we're presenting the NYX Glam Shadow Stick in 24 Karat. It's an eyeshadow stick and as far as NYX goes, it's pretty expensive, retailing at $15, I believe.

I couldn't figure out which swatch was best, so I just chose all of them. 
The bottom one is blurry to show the sparkles!

This is a very interesting product. If you've ever watched my videos, you know that I never just use a primer; I always use a base too. So, I'm a big fan of shadow sticks and the like.  This one interested me, just because of the amazing color. Look at it!

First of all, this is pretty sheer. You could wear it on its own and get a cool color, but the color of your skin would definitely poke out from under it, especially if you're darker, and especially if you blend it out at all. When you blend it out, it disperses into more sparkles and less color.  I really don't think that it's a deal breaker for this product to be sheer, though. I don't mind it at all.

Secondly, this product is not the same as the famous Jumbo Eyeshadow pencils. I think that it stays longer, but I still wouldn't use it without a primer.  I particularly like that it's a wind up instead of having to be sharpened like the Jumbo pencils, because that wastes less product.  Also, this product does wind down when you wind it up, unlike other similar products. That's a big thumbs up.

Overall, I really do like this product. The color is gorgeous, and it's so hard to find a yellow color as vibrant as this, or a yellow at all. My only major grip is the price. It's as expensive as a Mac eyeliner! That's ridiculous!

Would you spend as much money on a drugstore brand item as on a mid-high end item?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Disney Series: Belle

Hey guys! How are you? So, I decided to do a Disney princess/character series. I want to do not only princesses, but also maybe some villains.  Just whoever I feel like basically.  Right now I'm focusing on princesses, though and I'm here today with:
 Yeah, this word picture thing doesn't really work here. I'm doing Belle because she's the one that I got when I did the princess tag a few months ago.

  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Rimmel eyeliner in Sable
  • Inglot eyeshadow in 475
  • Nyx shadow stick in 24 Karat
  • Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette
  • MAC Studio Fix powder in C3 (brow highlight; not shown)
  • Elf liquid liner; black
  • L'Oreal Cobalt Smokes quad
  • Urban Decay Binge
  • Cover Girl Lashblast Volume mascara
  • Benefit Hoola bronzer
  • Elf Candid Coral blush
  • MAC Lush Amber

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Face Up to It: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Hello, lovelies! Guess what time it is?  Product review time!  After having the last two powders I bought be $30 from MAC, I decided to try a drugstore powder this time around.  Specifically the Rimmel Stay Matte powder.
Shade is: 018 Creamy Beige

Okay, you can't see anything in this picture unless you bend the screen a
 certain way... But you can see how the powder really holds onto the hair 
follicles; you can see it easily and it's heavy coverage.

This is a pretty good powder for getting it for about 3 dollars. No complaints there. Unfortunately, when applied, it looks very heavy; especially when used over a foundation, though I didn't find much improvement when I had just a concealer and foundation.  It's not evident from far away, but if you're standing close to someone, you better believe that they'll be able to see it, especially right after you've applied it, making it not very good for touch ups.  There is a little bit of a beautiful middle period, after the initial powdery-look has worn off, but before the powder itself has worn off where it looks more natural.

I bought this hoping that it would look like the MAC Studio Fix powder foundation. They are fairly comparable, but I would say that MAC wins this one.  MAC's is less dusty. Sidenote: when you look in the pan, you see very obvious glitters on the Stay Matte powder.  Looks like little grains of salt.  These don't show up on your face though; don't worry.  It's just weird. The powder does indeed show up very much matte on your face. Almost too matte. Makes me think that maybe I should stop going for the super matte powders and go for something a little more natural.  This is definitely not natural looking.

Lasting power is not phenomenal.  By the end of the school day (about 9 hours after application) there is obvious patchiness on my nose and chin, and I look obviously oily in my T-zone after about 4-5 hours. 

Overall, I like this powder, but I don't feel that it would suit a lot ton of people, and I won't repurchase it any time soon. That being said, repurchasing it isn't an impossibility either.

Instead of a question, I'm going to do a fact as a question: Did you know that duochrome isn't a word, but dichromatic is, and means the same thing?