Saturday, March 31, 2012

China Glaze Harvest Moon

 China Glaze Harvest Moon from the 2012 Hunger Games Capitol Colors Collection.

Wow. This color is like MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow in a bottle.  It is a very bronze foil with yellow, gold and orange tones to it as well.  One of the standouts from the collection.  Since it's called Harvest Moon, I think that it's from district 11, the agriculture district. Sound right? This is two coats of polish, and it's perfectly opaque at that. Very pigmented, very beautiful. Not much else to say.

Have you seen The Hunger Games movie yet? (I haven't.)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

China Glaze Instant Chemistry

China Glaze Instant Chemistry from the 2012 Magnetix Magnetic nail polish collection.

 This color has the least contrast between the magnetic and not magnetic part. Even less so than in the picture.  The dark color is very dark and a little frosty; almost exactly the same as OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight.  Then there is a lighter magenta color.  I don't think that it's bad that this color has less contrast, but dark colors aren't really my thing.  Though, because it's dark, it's completely opaque in one coat, which is what I have here. I think it's a good polish if you like darks and want to try this trend.

 Although, don't try layering magnetics with sparkles.  They look stupid.  And you can't even see the pattern anymore. So it's really stupid.

Would you wear it?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shimmering Shamrock

Of course, I go all out for holiday's, because they're an excuse for me to wear intense makeup to school, and people aren't allowed to think that it's really weird. Or at least not allowed to tell me. Unfortunately, this year, St. Patrick's Day is Saturday, but I probably wouldn't wear glitter to school anyway just because it's uncomfortable...

  • Coastal Scents Camo Quad in medium (White concealer)
  • Bh Cosmetics 88 Matte palette
  • Inglot Eyeshadow 340
  • MAC Shimmermoss
  • Eyelash Glue
  • Coastal Scents Sea Green glitter
  • Sugarpill Magpie
  • Urban Decay Perversion Eyeliner
  • Lancome Hypnose Mascara

Zoya Adina

 Zoya Adina from the 2010 Reverie Collection

Stunning. A true duochrome/multichrome. Originally, I thought that this was just a lavender and green duochrome as seen in the bottle of the last picture, but this time I wore it, I noticed that it also has a beautiful fuchsia at extreme angles. This is opaque in 3 coats, but I have extreme problems with bubbling with this nail polish, as well as most of my other Zoyas. I don't think that it's something I'm doing because my other brands are fine, but Zoya bubbles a lot! This is one of my favorite nail polish colors, though, it's a shame that it's so hard for me to get it to work.

Any idea's to avoid Zoya bubbling?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Disney Princess Tag!

Okay, so technically, I wasn't tagged for this, but I saw it on BowsandCurtsey's website and she said that she tagged everyone so...


[  ] You have/had long blond hair
[ x ] You constantly day dream of another world
[ x ] You have an active imagination
[ x ] You’re very curious
[ x ] you try to show off your knowledge
[ x ] you are polite or talk very formally
[  ] you don’t like books without picture
[ x ] you love or have a cat
[ x ] you tend to act more mature than your age
[ x ] You have been called that you’re mad or not right of your head

Total: 8


[  ] you have/had long red hair
[  ] your curiosity have led you into trouble
[ x ] you have a father who doesn’t understand you and you often break his rules
[ x ] you are a romantic and often your head is on the clouds
[  ] you’re adventurous & curious over the world
[  ] you prefer sea animals over any other kind of animal
[ x ] you’re impulsive & sometimes stubborn
[ x ] you’re headstrong & strong willed
[ ] you believe in love at first sight
[ ] you are willing to change who you are for the one you love

Total: 4


[ ] you have/had long blond hair
[ x ] you have been called “very beautiful” by others
[ x ] you are a hopeless romantic
[ x ] you love to sleep
[  ] you are graceful & lovely
[  ] you have a very beautiful voice
[  ] you’re a bit naive or innocent of the world around you
[  ] you are adopted
[  ] you prefer forest animals over any kind of animals
[ x ] you are very kind to others

Total: 4


[ x ] you have/had medium brown hair
[ x ] you love to read & you are consider book smart
[ x ] you are outspoken and a free thinker
[ x ] you value character on people over beauty or wits
[ x ] you don’t judge a book by its covers
[ x ] people have called you odd
[ x ] you have at least one eccentric relative
[ x ] many have called you a “beauty”
[ x ] you are very protective over the one you love
[ x ] you very passionate over your interests

Total: 10


[   ] you have/had short blond hair
[  ] you live with cruel relative
[  ] you are forced to do horrible chores
[ x ] you’re hard working
[ x ] you love to sing and to dream of better days
[  ] you prefer pets’ animals/farm animals of any other kind of animals
[  ] you are an orphan
[ x ] you are optimistic & cheerful
[ x ] you have been called sweet or kind
[  ] you don’t speak for yourself or you’re a little submissive

Total: 3


[  ] you have/had long wavy black hair
[  ] you are fearless & streetwise
[ x ] you defend others who can’t defend themselves or are been treated cruelty
[  ] you are or have been called “outcast”
[ x ] you are selfless and only think the misfortune of others
[ x ] you value freedom
[  ] you love or do tarot cards, read palms or similar things
[ x ] you love to mock others especially authority or guards or those who are cruel
[ ] you have a “sex” appeal
[  ] you had a bad experience with someone who was obsessed with you

Total: 4


[ x ] you have/had a long brown hair
[ x ] you’re talkative & sometimes talk fast
[  ] you’re charming & winsome
[  ] you prefer jungle animals especially gorillas over any other kind of animals
[ x ] you talk formally or proper
[ x ] you love or do some sort of art
[ x ] you live with your father
[ x ] you sometimes talk to yourself
[  ] one of your parents is dead
[ x ] you value the wildlife

Total: 7


[  ] you have/had very long black hair
[ x ] you prefer love over wealth
[ x ] you long freedom or adventure
[  ] people consider you a rebel
[ x ] you have a relative who want you to do something you don’t want to
[  ] you have/had run away from home
[ x ] you’re stubborn and willful
[  ] you love to or have a pet tiger
[ x ] people consider you clever or intelligent
[ x ] you’re kind of beauty is consider “exotic”

Total: 6


[  ] you have/had long white hair
[  ] you are brave or physically skilled
[  ] you’re curious of the history of your family/people
[ x ] you are caring & kind
[ x ] you are willing to sacrifice your life for your loved ones
[ x ] you’re eager to know the things you don’t know of
[ x ] you have witness the loss of a loved one
[ x ] you are curious of those who are different from you
[  ] you are very trusting
[ x ] you are healer or likes to heal others

Total: 6


[ x ] you have/had long brown hair
[ x ] you are independent
[  ] you have been burn by “love”
[ x ] you’re sarcastic & quick witted
[ x ] you’re cynical and don’t trust others easily
[ x ] people consider you sassy
[ x ] you’re flirtatious
[  ] you live by yourself
[ ] you are afraid of heights
[ x ] you’re hesitant on trusting others

Total: 7


[  ] you have/had long black hair
[  ] you love the Native American culture
[  ] you love the environment and often defend it
[ x ] other considers you wise beyond your years
[ x ] you are more spiritual than religious
[ x ] people consider you noble or selfless
[ x ] you are free-spirited
[ x ] you’re adventurous & playful
[ x ] You are aware of your dreams and often let it guide you
[ x ] you have an exotic beauty

Total: 7


[  ] you have dyed hair color
[  ] you have an overprotective mother who doesn’t let you see the world outside
[ x ] you’re daring & brave
[ x ] you’re energetic & spirited
[ x ] you love art or astronomy
[ x ] you’re independent and don’t need others to take care of you or defend you
[ x ] you’re sarcastic or witty
[  ] you are a bit naive of the world around you
[  ] you’re charming or charismatic
[ x ] you’re very determined to make your dreams comes true

Total: 6


[  ] you have/had short black hair
[ x ] you are consider gentle & sweet
[ x ] you are also very kindhearted
[  ] you’re juvenile or childish
[  ] you have others who envy your beauty
[  ] you are very gullible & too trusting that others sometimes takes advantage of you
[ x ] you love to sing and to be with forest animals
[ x ] you are joyful & cheerful
[ x ] you are motherly to those who are younger than you
[ x ] you are consider “adorable” or “cute” to others

Total: 6


[ x ] you’re motivated & determined
[ x ] you are willing to go through hard work to achieve your dream
[  ] you love to cook or to own a restaurant
[ x ] you don’t like to ask for help
[ x ] you are respectful to others
[ x ] you don’t give up easily
[  ] you often too busy doing hard work to have fun
[ x ] you don’t believe in wishes, you do the things on your own
[ x ] you are very persistent even if others don’t believe in you
[ x ] you are humble & grateful

Total: 8


[ x ] you love to dream
[ x ] you love to tell stories
[  ] you have 2 younger brothers
[ x ] you have a caring but strict father
[ x ] you don’t want to grow up
[ x ] you have a vivid imagination
[ x ] you are dreamy & imaginative
[ x ] you’re responsible & polite
[ x ] you are very motherly & protective
[ x ] you are a romantic

Total: 9

So, I guess that I'm Belle!
So, as much as I love Disney, I never had a favorite princess/character... Maybe the Little Mermaid, I don't know. Anyway, I do remember that I had a Belle barbie doll that I absolutely loved, and I really do love Belle, so I'm happy to be her.  If you guys want me to do a Belle inspired look, just say the word! Oh, and you're supposed to tag 10 people, but I don't even know who reads my blog, so if you want me to tag you, then I tag you!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beauty Secrets Top Coat

Beauty Secrets Nail Hardener & Thickener top coat

So, I have recently remembered on of my first posts, in which I talk about the Zoya nail polish exchange for Earth Day. Anyway, since Earth Day is coming up, I decided that I wanted to start working through all of my old base coats and top coats in hopes that I would use up 6 bottles for Earth Day (which I think I will.) So, my point is that I dug this one (which you can see here) up from the grave that is my medicine cabinet to use and poured a bunch of nail polish thinner in it. That may effect the quality of this review, since it changes the nail polish, but I don't think that it'll change it too much.

This is a fairly thin nail polish with a small brush.  Some people prefer small brushes, but since I have big nails, no matter how long they are, it's not my favorite.  I have to dip the brush into the bottle a few times to get enough nail polish to cover, which can make it not as effective to use, of course.  Also, I get chips after only a day or two of wear, which doesn't happen with my Posh top coat.  Lastly, the bottle's design isn't great, because now that I'm down to the end of this one's life, I have to lean the bottle over the get the nail polish on e the brush, but since it's round, it still is sort of deep on the sides, so it isn't too easy to get the last bit of nail polish. All and all, this top coat gets a chipped thumbs down.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

China Glaze Pull Me Close

China Glaze Pull Me Close from the 2012 Magnetix Magnetic nail polish collection.

 Okay, I seem to be getting the hang of this a little more. I recommend using the starburst pattern, because it has the ability to be more abstract than the strict geometric lines of the other patterns, so it's more forgiving.  That, and it's a centered pattern, so it works best on my super curved nails.  I like this color as much as Attraction, but I like them in different ways. Both are opaque at one coat, but this one has a cool look to it.  Almost like one of those holographic images that you have as a kid that when you move it changes.  It's kind of like that, and almost has a 3d look to it. It's really cool, and I really like it. 

This was kind of a terrible review...