Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beauty Secrets Top Coat

Beauty Secrets Nail Hardener & Thickener top coat

So, I have recently remembered on of my first posts, in which I talk about the Zoya nail polish exchange for Earth Day. Anyway, since Earth Day is coming up, I decided that I wanted to start working through all of my old base coats and top coats in hopes that I would use up 6 bottles for Earth Day (which I think I will.) So, my point is that I dug this one (which you can see here) up from the grave that is my medicine cabinet to use and poured a bunch of nail polish thinner in it. That may effect the quality of this review, since it changes the nail polish, but I don't think that it'll change it too much.

This is a fairly thin nail polish with a small brush.  Some people prefer small brushes, but since I have big nails, no matter how long they are, it's not my favorite.  I have to dip the brush into the bottle a few times to get enough nail polish to cover, which can make it not as effective to use, of course.  Also, I get chips after only a day or two of wear, which doesn't happen with my Posh top coat.  Lastly, the bottle's design isn't great, because now that I'm down to the end of this one's life, I have to lean the bottle over the get the nail polish on e the brush, but since it's round, it still is sort of deep on the sides, so it isn't too easy to get the last bit of nail polish. All and all, this top coat gets a chipped thumbs down.

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  1. oo havent seen this in australia! but i always use top coat, really reduces the chipping