Saturday, January 26, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick Atomic

Another product review today!  These Revlon eyeshadow sticks were an enormously well received product in 2012, and while I've had it for months, I haven't reviewed it yet. Sorry.

205 Atomic

This is a comparison of Rubenesque paint pot and the gold half of Atomic.  Rubenesque on the left and Atomic on the right.  

I really like this product.  I've never tried it without Too Faced Shadow Insurance, so I don't know how it performs by itself, but it doesn't crease with it and powder on top.  I'm going to compare this product a lot to Rubenesque paint pot, because it's a well known product and it's similar in color.  They both work well, but in different ways.  Paint pots are thicker, so when you layer eyeshadow over them, it adds a very unattractive textural look, especially when it's kind of dried out, like mine is.  But it actually looks pretty on its own.  Atomic goes on thinner and smoother; less pigmentedIt doesn't set quite as quickly either, which makes it easier to pack eyeshadow on. It makes one of my difficult eyeshadows (Inglot 407) actually look good when layered on top!  

This is a duo, though, and the dark green side doesn't work quite as well. I wouldn't use it directly in my crease the way that's recommended.  That may work, I would just never use the product like that.  It's a nice crease color, I just feel like it would be patchy.  I would use it all over the lid, but since it's darker, I don't use that very often.  It's also drier than the other one.  Pulls on your eyelid a little bit.  It's totally usable, just not as much of an everyday color as they other one.

This product is definitely a good option if you don't want to buy Rubenesque paint pot, or something similar.  It's about $8 which would probably be worth the gold half alone if you were to use it all the time. I don't really use it that often, so it's not as worth it to me, but it's definitely a good product when I am using it with 407.  

Would you buy a duo for only half of it?

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