Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hoola Bronzer

 Review time! One of the most renowned bronzers of all time. 

I love the packaging of Benefit powders.

 Okay, let's talk about this brush. Usually, brushes that come with powders are crap. They are a bad size, shape, and material. This brush, on the other hand, is great. The shape is fantastic for fitting right underneath the cheekbones. It's nice and dense and picks up powder well. Love.

Look at that color. Not too muddy, not too red. I've heard that people are supposed to choose a bronzer that has the undertone that you naturally tan to, and my undertone is just brown. Some people tan redder and some people tan yellower. This is perfect for brown.
This is the color. It's nice and powdery so that it blends well, but not so much so that it just brushes right off.  Perfect.

I cannot say enough good things about this powder.  It really is worth the $28 (or whatever it is). The color is fantastic, the texture is fantastic, the brush is fantastic. The packaging is the slightest bit shock resistant, so if you drop the box the powder doesn't break. At least it hasn't for me. The one things is that the mirror could be larger.  Buy this now!

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