Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quick Tip: Not Wasting Powders

Hey, all! I'm back with a quick tip for you on how to use the last little bit of a powder.  Ever find yourself trying to get all the bang for your buck that you can by shoving your face brush into the corners of the pan just to get only the tiniest bit of powder on your brush.  It ends up taking forever to put on your face.  This is what I've been doing for a while that really helps get everything out of my powder that I can.

My most recent powder. It was just alright; I'll probably review it eventually.

I smoosh the end of my brush around the ring of the powder to break it up.

I put it into a clean pan that I've been using for this purpose for a while.

Empty pan!

I dump all these old powders together and then you shake them up to create a fine powder that you use like a loose powder.

Now, this works for me, but it won't be favorable for everyone.  It's just a lot quicker to get a good amount of powder on your brush this way than rather than in a tiny ring. Tell me if this works for you!

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