Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Exercise tip for cold blooded monsters like me

I have bad circulation. Or something. I mean, I'm a thin girl, so I have low blood pressure. And I get lightheaded if I stand up too fast. Happens all the time. Add this together with sitting around and not being dressed in as many layers as one would hope, and you have a very cold person. I have literally used my hands as ice packs for people's necks when they're hot. People think that I'm dead because it's clear that there's no human blood flowing in my hands. (Jokes)

So anyway, I complain about being cold. A lot. But only ever when I'm inside, because when you're outside and you're cold, you're usually walking around or something, so your body can handle it. Plus, you're outside, so you just kind of expect it...

Well, why not just make yourself warm, idiot?

What, should I put on some extra layers, another pair of socks? Take a hot shower? Get the electric blanket?

No! Freaking exercise!

Oh...oh, right.

Exercise heats your body up. Duh. Most of the time when I'm really cold, it's because I've been sitting around. So, if I'm getting really cold, I'm gonna force myself to get the hell up and do a time step combination or something. Just a little bit of cardio for only a minute or so should be enough to get the blood pumping. Remind your body that you're actually alive.

Kills two birds with one stone. You get in some exercise and you're not freezing anymore.

Of course, this doesn't help with being fully chilled when trying to go to sleep but...I'll work on that.

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