Monday, May 2, 2011

MAC Haul!

I just got 3 things from MAC in the mail today! Well, actually, I ordered them from Macy's because the lipstick was sold out on MAC's website. I got an MSF natural in Medium Deep, lipstick in Summer Shower, and a lustreglass in Spring Bean.  This is just a first impressions and swatch blog post.  I'll do more in depth reviews in a bit.

These photo's are pretty accurate in color, but the pan picture is a little light. The MSFN is very  smooth, and actually has quite a bit of pigmentation.  It could be used as a foundation alone, to set a liquid foundation if you want really heavy coverage, or just to set concealer.
My lips bare.
Spring Bean lustreglass.  It's very green, but the base is sheer, and the glitter is rather yellow.  Which is perfectly okay! The lip photo doesn't show the glitter in it's entirety, there's a lot more.  The lipgloss is not sticky, but the glitter is quite gritty. It does seem as though it could move off of your lips.
Summer Shower Lipstick.  This is a glaze finish.  It's a little lighter than what the tube picture looks like.  The lip photo is actually pretty accurate.  The lipstick is very hard and doesn't feel creamy at all.  It has the potential to be a little gritty, but on your lips it's not bad.  The shimmer on the lips shows up mostly as blue, not green like the tube suggests. 

As I said before, I'll give full reviews once I have properly tested the products.

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