Saturday, October 20, 2012

NYX Glam Shadow Stick in 24 Karat

Have you been liking all of the looks that I've been posting? I love it! But, I also have quite a few product pictures backed up in my folder, so I'm going to do a couple in between looks. Today, we're presenting the NYX Glam Shadow Stick in 24 Karat. It's an eyeshadow stick and as far as NYX goes, it's pretty expensive, retailing at $15, I believe.

I couldn't figure out which swatch was best, so I just chose all of them. 
The bottom one is blurry to show the sparkles!

This is a very interesting product. If you've ever watched my videos, you know that I never just use a primer; I always use a base too. So, I'm a big fan of shadow sticks and the like.  This one interested me, just because of the amazing color. Look at it!

First of all, this is pretty sheer. You could wear it on its own and get a cool color, but the color of your skin would definitely poke out from under it, especially if you're darker, and especially if you blend it out at all. When you blend it out, it disperses into more sparkles and less color.  I really don't think that it's a deal breaker for this product to be sheer, though. I don't mind it at all.

Secondly, this product is not the same as the famous Jumbo Eyeshadow pencils. I think that it stays longer, but I still wouldn't use it without a primer.  I particularly like that it's a wind up instead of having to be sharpened like the Jumbo pencils, because that wastes less product.  Also, this product does wind down when you wind it up, unlike other similar products. That's a big thumbs up.

Overall, I really do like this product. The color is gorgeous, and it's so hard to find a yellow color as vibrant as this, or a yellow at all. My only major grip is the price. It's as expensive as a Mac eyeliner! That's ridiculous!

Would you spend as much money on a drugstore brand item as on a mid-high end item?


  1. super pretty color, but that price! I don't know if I would buy it, especially if it's sheer.

  2. OMG this color is so gorgeous!

  3. I am so surprised they priced it that high! I love the color, but I would be more likely to purchase if it was like $8.99. :)

    1. Haha, that's a very specific price! I don't even really remember why I bought it... Definitely impulse.