Saturday, October 27, 2012

Paula Dorf Lipstick: Mermaid

I went through an enormous phase for nearly the whole past year where I almost exclusively wore lipstick. No gloss, or at least not very often.  So, I started building up my rather pitiful lipstick collection, and here's my newest addition!

The packaging is very cute. It has the rubberized packaging like that of Nars with little glossy symbols on it. 

Paula Dorf Mermaid.  Okay, yes, Paula Dorf is an expensive brand, but last time I went to Ulta, they had a lot of her stuff on clearance, so I snagged this $22 lipstick for only $6! Score!

That being said, I would definitely not buy this lipstick for full price. I personally don't think that I would buy any lipstick for that price, but I don't recommend this lipstick for people willing to spend that much either.  It's a really pretty coral-peach color with a golden sheen. I usually don't like frosty lipsticks, but this one has a great glow to it. 

Unfortunately, Mermaid has a rather drying consistency.  Not very creamy or moisturizing.  Thus, I much prefer wearing a gloss over it, which also makes the frosty finish a lot more beautiful.  Preferably a good scented gloss, though, because the smell isn't great either. It just smells like old lipstick. Not very pleasant. 

Overally, I don't recommend this lipstick for the price. It's nice, and I'll wear it a lot, because it's a great in-between-red-and-pink shade for me, which I was needing. It's kinda dark, but not as bold as a red.  

Do you like frosty lipsticks? If not, do you find that they're better with a gloss?

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