Saturday, February 4, 2012

Face Up to It: Hard Candy Glamoflauge

  Review time! So, I don't think that I have expressed this on this blog yet, but my biggest insecurity is my skin.  It's acne prone and combination, so it can look shiny in a place that my skin is also peeling in. Not cute.  So I am always looking for products to try to better the appearance of my skin. I had heard that this particular product can cover up tattoos, so at $6, I was willing to give it a go:

Hard Candy Glamoflauge

Okay, so as you can see, the product comes in a .71 oz squeezy tube, with a narrow nozzle for the tip.  This is my favorite type of packaging for liquid face products, because you don't waste any product.  In addition, it also comes with a very miniature, about 2 inches or so long, concealer pencil.  This works fine, but I actually prefer it for use on my waterline to open up the eye. It works very well for that.

Okay, as for the squeezy tube part... It's okay.  I'm not sure that I would say that it can cover all that much, because it doesn't even cover up all of my acne scarring.  It has a rather thick consistency, and can increase the appearance in dry, flaky skin.  I put it on, and most of it is invisible, but when I put on my powder, a lot of it wipes away.  And it has to be set with something, because the color has an odd green tint to it.  Oh, major downside: there's only 3 colors (that I know of.) Luckily, this one is really close to mine skin, if my skin were greenish, but most people will be out of luck when using this product.  So, it's very buildable, but if you want that intense coverage, you would have to deal with a very uneven skintone, which sort of defeats the purpose.  

All and all, I do sort of recommend it, because it does have higher coverage than most, but you have to  be willing to experiment with it a little to get the color to work for you.  Like use a very pigmented setting powder, because you can't use this product under your foundation and expect it to stay put.  Unfortunately, you probably won't be able to buy it, because you won't have a good color match. I may do a video review to follow. 

Would you wear a concealer that doesn't match your skin to hide hyper-pigmentation?


  1. I am really lucky (I guess) that I am so pale because the lightest shade of this product actually matches my skin! It works well (like you said) if I lightly powder over it. I totally use the pencil as a waterline too!

    But no I would not wear a concealer that does not match my skin - I'd rather look "naturally" messed up :)

  2. Yeah, I have (what I consider to be) a strange skin tone, but things match it really easily even though it's tan, but kinda not, and more orange than most, and weird. Or maybe I am just not as particular as most people :)

  3. I have struggled with horrific skin for a few years now, and it is only just starting to improve. I saw this on a tutuorial and thought it would be interesting to try, so your review has helped and i am going to give it a go :) thanks xo