Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bath and Body Works Candles

I recently went to Bath and Body Works, and I got 6 new candles! I had 4 that I got earlier in the summer, so I thought that I would just make a big post of all of them with little scent discriptions. I love these candles, and I totally recommend the little sizes of them, because they're only $2.50!

Tropical Spice.  Kind of a nondescript scent. I smell a basic spicy cinnamon scent, a little coconut, fruit juice... I don't know. Nothing really specific. Tropical spice sort of hits the nail on the head. (This one may not be in stores anymore)
Peach Bellini. This is a really popular scent, and I understand why.  It's a fizzy peach scent. Sort of like if you smelled a peach and then smelled sprite. Really a very accurate scent. (This one may not be in stores anymore.)
Market Peach. This scent is also really accurate, in that it smells exactly like peaches. It is very different from the peach bellini scent, because rather than the fizziness, it has the natural sweetness of a peach. this makes it a little less in your face. I love this one. (This one may not be in stores anymore.)
Coco Lobo. I guess this scent is supposed to smell like coconut, but I don't really get much of anything out of it. It's a fairly subtle scent, with perhaps a little coconut and maybe just a hint of suntan lotion. It's a very summer-y scent, but like I said, it's very subtle.
Oceanside. This scent is almost spot on the scent of Hollister. 90% Hollister and 10% Abercrombie. Although, they did have a scent called Mahogany Teakwood, that smells exactly like Abercrombie. I much prefer Hollister, though. Really a good, cologne-type scent.
Pineapple Mango. Mmmm! I just want to eat this one! It is just like a smoothy that I get from McDonalds. It has the citrus-type overlay from the pineapple, and then the underlying sweetness from the mango. I love this scent.
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. Yay! I'm so happy that they're coming out with all of these yummy pumpkin scents; they're my favorites.  This is a really spicy one, rather than a creamy pie one. Lots of cinnamon and pumpkin, but I don't really get the sweet element from it so much. I can't wait to burn this one!
Farmstand Apple. This one really intrigued me, because it smells spot on like apples.  Exactly. It's just like if you pass by the apples in the grocery store. Literally 100% match.
Frosted Cupcake. This one I really liked, because it actually smells like a cupcake. Most cupcake scents smell a lot more like popcorn than an actual cupcake. More salty and buttery then sweet. It has a little bit of a weird undertone, but I feel like that would go away once you burn it. Really yummy. Just like yellow cake.
French Baguette. BaBW just came out with a french collection, so they have a bunch of products with this pretty striped packaging. This one I also bought, just because it was interesting. It actually smells exactly like a baguette! I couldn't believe that they made a candle that smells exactly like bread! Or saltines. Exactly like saltines, now that I think about it.  It would be an excellent kitchen scent. It's really yummy too.

I really like all of these scents, and they're all very different, so anyone could find one that they like.  The ones I like the best are probably... Market Peach (even though that's not available anymore), Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Farmstand Apple, and Pineapple Mango. This will probably change once I burn them all, though.

I've only burned the first four, and they smell about the same when you burn them, but these mini candles (they're the smallest size) have a really small throw. What I mean by that, is you can't really smell them a lot. I've had the really big candles before, too and they smell up the whole top floor, so I know that it's just the size, and not the candles. So if you really like one, buy a bigger size. I love these small ones, because I don't burn candles too, too often, so I don't really use them up. It's a great way to test them out.

I love Slatkin & Co. candles because they smell really accurate to their names, they have good throw in the bigger sizes, and you can get good sales on them.  I personally like them more than the Candles by Victoria candles that I have, which I'll post about soon. Also, the packaging couldn't be cuter for these. I recommend all of them, and I hope that these scent descriptions helped you!

Do you like burning candles?


  1. Yes I love those sent's I have like 6 from earlier this year, I am going back to get some fall sent's nice post.

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