Friday, August 3, 2012

Chameleon Corona

Chameleon Corona

Chameleon is such an under-appreciated brand. They're a very small line, but they have some gorgeous duochromes. Corona is a mauve foil with blue duochrome. I wish that I could have got better pictures of the blue, but believe me, it's there.  The angle of the bottom picture shows a brighter fuchsia-pink, but you can't really see it in the picture... I tried! 

The finish is a foil, but it gives kind of a rough finish on the nails. It's pretty, but it's a little difficult to work with.  This was 3 coats, I believe.  All in all, I recommend this nail polish, and if you're a fan of duochromes, this is a good drugstore brand for them.

I've never really heard anyone else talk about this brand; have you tried it?

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  1. Such a lovely colour, I've never tried any Chameleon products before. I found your blog through Beautylish and am now following you :)
    My blog: Beautiful Solutions