Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Random Nails of the Day!

Alrighty, these aren't particularly interesting, but they've been in my unpublished pictures folder forever and I really need to upload them so that they are not there anymore.

And yes, I know it's been forever. I will try to take some eyeshadow picture! It's summer, so I have no excuse. And I do have ideas...Stay posted, please! In the meantime, suffer through this filler post.

The base color for this is L'Oreal's Precious Coral. It's a very red orange. It's not my favorite color, but I'm sure it works for some people.As yo might be able to see, it's not super bright, but it's not a burnt orange either. It's a creme and applies pretty evenly. The color that I put on top is one coat of Awful name, very sheer color, nice layering color. It's kind of a glass fleck, very similar to Zoya's Tanzy, I believe.

 This is Sinful Color's Minted. These were stamped using Konad-like plates. The color was a Chameleon color, don't remember what it is because I don't own it anymore. Chameleon is supposed to be all duochromes, I think, but this color was just really frosty. Don't recommend. They have other good colors, though. And it worked fine for stamping.

 Another stamping color! The base color is China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald. And then just a white Konad nail polish and a nail plate. Gorgeous.

Yes, there's writing on my hand. The base color for this...Just a creme black, I think. Wet 'n Wild. Their black is actually pretty good. And the color that I used over it is that orange Wet 'n Wild color from above. The one with the awful name. I just did layers of it. It's sheer enough that it worked well.

I wore these when I was doing a recital and singing as Elphaba from Wicked. And no, I did not sound good--I wasn't a belter at all. But anyway, she's green, so I wanted to wear green. I just used tape to get the sharp lines. The base color is Emerald Fitzgerald by China Glaze again. And I think that the shimmer is again.

Wet 'n Wild Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire

A sparse, sheer light blue holographic nail polish. You can vaguely see my nail line, even though this is probably about four coats. fortunately, the nail polish is pretty watery, so it's easy to get thin, even coats. And the more coats, the more intense holo. The holo is very gritty, kind of like sand. It's not a bad nail polish, but it's not top notch.

 Zoya Kimmy.

Beautiful color. It's a bright saturated red with lots of golden flecks. You only need about two coats of this one. Looks great on the nails, looks great on the toes, very flattering. I don't even know what else to say about it. Totally recommend.

 Zoya Cassie.

Warm, medium pink. It has a very subtle glass fleck type of thing to it, but it's not shiny. Even when I apply topcoat it's pretty dull. I personally don't love this color, but it's not bad either. It's pretty thick, only needs a few coats, but it can get kind of gloppy. Just make sure you have a super-shiny topcoat to make it look it's best.

Okay, hope that you like some of these, and that this post wasn't totally annoying. NOTD posts are kind of boring, so maybe I won't do anymore. I just needed to get these out. I really want this blog to be mostly eye posts, because that's what I like the best. Feel free to request those!

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