Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Butterfly Manicure

Just a little Easter manicure that I did. It's supposed to look like a Monarch butterfly.  Hope it does! It literally took 3 hours, though.

Sorry for the messy cuticles! I had to take the picture before it got dark. The base color is China Glaze Xtreme Thrash.  It's a miracle unto itself that I even have an orange nail polish, because I dislike the color, and it often looks terrible on me.  This one's just dark enough, though.  I don't have a black or white nail polish yet, though I just ordered Snow White from Zoya in their nail polish exchange.  I hope to get my new polishes to post photos of before the exchange is over, though!  Anyway, so I used normal black and white paint, since it wasn't touching my nails. I used toothpicks to make the design!  Ah well, at least it worked.

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