Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish Exchange

Guess what came in the mail!!

Colors left to right: Cassi, Keiko, Adina, Yummy, Apple, Freja, Richelle, Snow White

And these are the wonderful, fabulous nail polishes that I am exchanging back to Zoya. An empty base coat and top coat by Sally Hansen, a dried out design nail polish by Color Club, 3 NYC colors, 1 LA Girl, and a petites nail polish.

It's kind of annoying that Zoya claims that this sale is free.  It's really just getting your nail polishes half off with free shipping.  But I'm okay with that! Especially because Zoya is so hard to find in stores.

If you missed this year, I hope you order next Earth Day! Swatches should be up soon.

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