Saturday, May 12, 2012

Zoya Crystal

Zoya Crystal from the Fire and Ice collection.

(With flash)

(Artificial light)

Zoya Crystal, 3 coats.  This color is not what I thought it would be, but in a good way.  It isn't quite as sparkly-shiny as Zoya Tiffany, but it has such a unique finish.  It's a blue foil with little gold flecks.  It actually looks like teeny-tiny pieces of gold foil dropped onto the top.  My friend had to ask if I had layered a few nail polishes to get this color, but it's not.  It's looks like a manicure with effort, but really it's just a normal nail polish. And, it didn't bubble! Zoya usually bubbles on me, and this one didn't! It's a good sign, I think.  

What's your favorite nail polish finish? Foil, frost, creme, sheer, etc?

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