Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Zoya Nail Polish Exchange, Take 2!

Earth day has come and gone yet again, as well as the Zoya nail polish exchange. It was one of my first posts on this blog, and here I am with more Zoya nail polishes, and less crappy/dried out/ used up ones!

Nail polishes I'm shipping away: Beauty Secrets Top Coat, Revlon base coat, Chameleon nail polish, China Glaze nail polish, Olay nail polish, Sally Hansen nail polish.

 Gemma, Crystal, and Harley

Dharma, Kissy, Kimmy


Gemma. Gemma is an army green with a very visible violet/indigo flash.  It's not quite a duochrome, because the different colors have different textures to them, and the purple shows only when the light hits it.  I love that the purple actually shows up in the nail swatch, rather than just in the bottle.  This is 3 coats, I believe. 

Crystal. Ugh, how stunning is that? I've been pining over this nail polish for over a year, now, and I didn't get it at the last exchange, only because I was concerned that it would look like OPI Absolutely Alice. It doesn't, don't worry! Though, this polish is a dupe for the rare Reflecting Pool by OPI.  Crystal is a smokey teal-blue base with little golden flecks in it.  These flecks look like little tiny bits of golden foil dropped into the polish. It's so stunning, and I'm sure I will wear this very soon! I think that this was 3 coats as well.

Harley. Haha, those two pictures look like completely different polishes. They're the same, trust me! It's a touch darker than the bottle picture, and quite a bit lighter than the nail swatch.  So, I don't believe that you can really see in these pictures, but this polish has kind of a frosty finish, but more so, it has fun little non-shiny particles in it.  Looks almost like broken glass; very pretty.  Anyway, this is 3 coats, I believe, and it's a perfect light grey for me. 


Dharma.  A light milky pink with blue flash/duochrome.  This color is super sheer, but it is buildable.  I believe that this is about 4 or 5 coats.  It's so delicate looking and gorgeous. I can't wait to see how annoyed it makes me, given it's sheerness.

Kissy. I've been itching to get this nail polish forever too. Ever since it came out, I've just thought I have to have that one.  And I finally got it! What's unique about this polish, is that it's a bar glitter, rather than normal hexagonal or circular glitter.  It's a dark magenta-pink with holographic glitter throughout, all bar shaped, in a clear base.  This was about 4 coats, and it fully opaque. You can see in the nail swatch that this definitely needs a topcoat, because it has a rather textural look to it, but it's not that bad, actually. Not super gritty. This color certainly does not disapoint, and I'm can't wait to wear it!

Kimmy. The most opaque out of all of these nail polishes, opaque in only 2 coats.  I'm wearing it on my toes right now, and I love it.  It's a bright, vibrant, tomato red with lots of golden flecks in it that gives it almost a orange look. Perfect color for summer, and it didn't bubble on me! Gosh, I hope my Zoyas stop doing that... This seems like a good sign. :)

So, I'll have nail of the day posts on all of these eventually, and I hope that you enjoy them.  Tell me if you ordered anything from the nail polish exchange or if you're waiting for next year!

Which one is your favorite/should I wear next?

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