Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Elf Natural Matte Lip Color

Another Elf review! I feel like doing other posts, but I figure while I have a lot of Elf products to review, I might as well do them all at once, right?  Besides, doing them every day is helping me keep up my blog, and feel better about only having 2 posts in June... Enjoy!

Elf Matte Lip Color in Natural

I... don't really know what I think about this product. The first time I opened it, I opened it and noticed that the actual lip product when you twist it up all the way looks kind of... rough.  Not really pristine. 

See what I mean? Kinda bad. And a little blurry. And looks a little like a... Well, I'll leave that up to your imagination.

The first time I put it on my lips, it definitely wasn't matte. It seemed a little oily right on the outside of it, and didn't actually put any pigment on at all until I layered more on.  After that first time, though, it worked a lot better.  It actually is fairly matte, but the color is a little too light for me, it being matte too is just too harsh.  Very nude.  Really better for lighter skintones, unless really nude lips are your thing.  

This is not just a chubby lipliner. I like to use it underneath other lip colors, yes, but I don't think that it increases last time on anything. It's lasting time is pretty decent, though.  Though wear time goes down with a gloss, and I have to wear it with one to look acceptable on me.

All and all, I recommend this product, and I feel that this color would look really pretty on fair skin tones... So basically, just try it out if you like a color.  It's cheap, so what do you have to lose?

Do you prefer matte lip colors or glossy ones?

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  1. I have this and haven't tried it out yet! Thanks!