Sunday, April 22, 2012

Face Up to It: Benefit the Pore-fessional

Everyone uses and eye primer every day. Hopefully. And for the most part, people can easily find one that works well for them. Face primers are a different thing.  They are much harder to tell if they're working well, because you want your foundation to be invisible, and they usually work okay alone. Benefit has a few different face primers, and featured here is the Pore-fessional.

Benefit: The Pore-fessional

So, this is a sample size that I got in this set. This is not necessarily supposed to work as a face primer, but I am under the impression that it can be used that way, with it's main purpose to be minimizing the appearance of pores.  Well, first of all, the size of your pores is genetic. It largely doesn't change unless there is something in them (oil; blackhead) and that comes out.  Bleh.  Anyway, it's hard for a topical, sheer product to make a difference. And this one didn't really.  It has an interesting, but not bad smell. Just kinda clean smelling. If you add just a little product, it feels really smooth, and kinda dry, but when you use a lot of product, it makes it seem sort of sticky.  It's main plus is that it mattifys the skin, but I didn't really see a change in my pores. They aren't large to begin with, but it didn't really do anything for my skin as far as lasting time or appearance except for making my skin matte.

I didn't notice anything really regarding lasing time.  Then again, I've used a few primers, and haven't noticed a difference... So maybe I'm just not being observant enough?  I don't know. It's not a necessary product, but if you want to give it a try, definitely just buy a mini in a set.

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  1. I've seen this a few times at the Benefit counter and in Ulta and I didn't think it looked like a product that would work so I always passed on looking into it, seems like my hesitations were confirmed.