Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nina Pro Molten Copper

 Nina Pro Molten Copper

So, I left the bottle picture cropped and big so that you can see the fabulous duochrome/multichrome that I got really visible in the bottle.  I honestly have no idea why this polish is called copper anything, because it really isn't copper at all. It has a sightly green tinted nude base with strong green and pink duochrome. Sort of a rosy color more than copper.  I would classify it as a typical shimmer finish with perhaps a little frost.  More than one color is visible at every angle, and it's a really great duochrome for being only four dollars or so at Sally's.  I also feel that it is work appropriate, since it does have a subtlety to it since it's a light color with a nude-ish base. Truly lovely.


  1. I love duochrome anything! This looks so pretty. Found you through beautylish. New follower! :D

    1. Me too! And thanks, I'll definitely check you out. :)