Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

This will be a rant post, so beware.

     You know, I've always had safe Friday the 13ths.  The most eventful thing that has happened so far on Friday the 13th was in 5th grade when a kid accidentally dropped a mirror. He's probably cursed for life. Anyway, the month of April has been pretty great so far, but also completely and utterly horrendous in a single aspect of my life. I just have one question. Why the heck would you put pictures of spiders faces on the internet? On the websites I look at.
     Okay, the first instance this month is the most embarrassing. I was watching T.V. *cough, Wild Kratts the cartoon, cough* and suddenly an ugly, nearly albino spider face enters the two feet large screen and runs across it for a while. I was innocently watching an episode about pollinators, expecting to see bees and birds, but they decide for drama, they should add a bee-eating spider. WRONG CHOICE.
     Second. I was on Ragestache, a website with awesome rage comics, and someone thought that it was a good idea to post a friendly spider. A tarantula. Luckily, they had given a wee bit of warning, so I could safely scroll by it with limited view and limited shuddering, but with a slight element of panic attack surrounding me for a while.
     Next, I was watching SourceFed on youtube, pretty much my favorite youtube channel right now (I know, not beauty, I'm sorry), and they flashed a huge spider face at me. Just out of the blue! I’m not one to be a hater on youtube, but you better believe that I left them a mean note.
    As I was explaining these instances to my friend at school, she points out what looks to be a spider on the ground (Thank god it wasn’t) and that cause an already skittish me to freak out in the middle of the school. Luckily it was the hallway during lunch, so few people were there. But it did make this freshman, who I act kind of weird around and tell weird stories around because of the people I'm around when I'm around him, laugh at me.  Ugh.
    Next was NOT a false alarm. It was about an hour ago, I was laying in bed, with my laptop (which you better believe that I am not on right now) and I see something on my keyboard. First thing that runs through my mind is that it’s dust or something, but in a split second, my arachnophobic instincts kick in, and I toss the laptop and dart out of there. My mother and I reenter my room, and we see the spider running to the large stuffed bunny on my bed. The screaming starts. I run out of the room to hold the front door open, and she grabs the bunny and when she reaches the door, I, in a flurry of terror and adrenaline, close the door on her, and make a break for the now safe indoors.  It falls off the bunny in the jostling action, and my mother, rather upset for me hitting her with the door, throws the contaminated bunny at me.  I scream even more. So, loud, so much.
     Once everything is settled, I settle myself on the computer (Now a desktop) and look where our story begins. Ragestache. I am enjoying the comics, before I see the biggest spider face EVER,and I scream so loudly and shrilly that my brother from the phone at college talking to my mom could here it crisp as though I were standing right next to him.  That’s when I kind of started sobbing. (Silently, so as not to freak out my mom) It’s too much all at the same time! She closed the tab, and I better not see a spider for the rest of April, preferable until May 3rd. My birthday. Please save me.

Well, I guess this is Friday the 13th for you.

Next, Will be the story of where my arachnophobia began. 13 year ago, or so. Upon request of course. Excited?

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