Monday, April 9, 2012

My First Ruffian Manicure

 So, this is a little different than my usual nail of the day post, but I did do this recently, and I really enjoyed it. The Ruffian manicure.

Even though they don't even look like the same colors, they are. Orly Rage is the light shimmery color at the base of my nails, and the rest is Zoya Yummy. The top picture shows Rage better and the bottom picture shows Yummy better. Not neon at all like the top photo! There are actually two different ways to do the Ruffian manicure, this being the first, the other being more like this:

Photo from Scrangie's blog.

I like them both, but I kinda like the type I did better... that's why I did it, of course.  I think I'll try the other way eventually, though.  I love the color combination I did; I prefer doing a creme and a shimmer for contrast.  Rage is one of my favorite nail polishes ever, but I don't like how it looks on me.  I'm a little more of a tan person, so I don't feel that I can really pull of pale colors like that.  I painted my friend's nails with it, though, and she's really pale, and it looked phenomenal.  Love. Anyway, I just freehanded it, but I probably should have used tape... It wasn't perfect, but not noticeably bad, either.

Would you do a Ruffian manicure?

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