Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sinful Colors Minted

 Sinful Colors Minted

It turns out that I'm actually quite backed up on nail of the day pictures on my camera... So I should have plenty of those coming up this month as I go through all the old pictures in my camera. Anyway... The nail picture is the best for color accuracy.  It's not quite as neon as it looks in the top and bottom pictures; it's actually quite a muted mint. Perfect for this spring.  It has little flecks of silver in it, but they aren't really shiny. Just gives it a textural look to it as though there are pieces of broken glass in it.  This is two coats of this color, I believe, and this color definitely needs top coat, because it really isn't very shiny without it.  Lovely color, though.

And I actually only did this manicure at the time, because I really wanted to try it with this glitter, and this is Party of Five Glitters by Wet 'n Wild.  1-2 coats, depending on the nail.  Lovely glitter, and very affortable.

Are you loving mint this spring?

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  1. I have this color and I love it, but I love it even more seeing you pair it with a glitter nail polish. Definitely going to be trying that out next time I paint my nails! Thanks!