Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wet 'n Wild Born Into Privilege

Wet 'n Wild Born Into Privilege from the Spring 2012 Coloricon Be Jeweled collection.
 Sorry, I could not get an accurate color photo for the bottle.

The next two pictures are Born Into Privilege layered over black.

It's more vibrant, though.

Duochrome glitter! What in the world could be better? I believe that this collection retailed for about $3 at CVS, but also keep in mind that the bottle is as small as it looks; only 0.30 fl oz as opposed to the usual 0.50 fl oz that nail polish bottles usually are. 

Born into Privilege is mostly a greenish-golden color.  Since it's a duochrome, though, it has a number of other colors in it.  Some teal at extreme angles, But mostly green and gold. Sometimes silver.  It's mostly that color glitter but then also has some larger hexagonal multicolored glitters too. Looks like a party on your nails.

Let's talk for a minute about the formula.  The formula is okay; perhaps a little thick. It could benefit from some thinner if you plan on layering it over black.  The brush, though, is terrible.  It's very big, rather fluffy, gets clumps of glitter on it, and is not smooth, rather, it's kind of frayed.  It definitely makes application a lot harder.

Overall, I like the color, the shift really isn't that prominent, the brush is crappy, and the nail polish is averagely priced.  If you want to try the color, go ahead, but the whole collection isn't as groundbreaking as it sounds.

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