Thursday, June 23, 2016

Compliment yourself.

We're taught not to brag. To only draw attention to our good traits through subtly. We're not supposed to compliment ourselves, no. That's for others to do.

Well, screw that.

Maybe the reason why so many people (boys, girls, young, old. All.) have self-confidence issues (aside from the obvious barrage of unrealistic, unfair media images) is because of something else that society is telling us to do. Be quiet. Don't talk about the things that you have going for you because it will only make someone else feel bad.

I guess that's two lessons we need to overturn. First, always be happy for the good things in others' lives. Always. Even if it's something you don't have. But the point of this post is the second: don't be quiet.

Tell yourself out loud that you're a good friend. That you have nice eyes. That you nailed that damn math test. And don't be afraid to tell others. I mean, be polite. Still don't brag. But don't hide either. Don't bury your good traits the same way we try to bury our bad traits so that all we have left on the surface is utter mediocrity.

I was planning on having this be a long, rambling post like every other one that I write, but I think this is all that needs to be said. Allow yourself healthy pride for the things that you truly like about yourself. Don't make it a facade. Don't tell yourself that you love everything, because that's just not true. Focus on the great and let those things shine.

And before you know it, you'll be shining too.

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