Sunday, June 26, 2016


I have a lot of idiosyncrasies. Like too many. Too man that make it look like I have OCD when really, I promise that I don't. I can function without these habits just fine, it's just that...I like them. They soothe my otherwise coiled up mind and so I like sticking by them.

But they also drive me crazy!

I mean, why do I have a drawer filled with empty high-end makeup boxes? To brag? Why would I do that when I still have the actual makeup which, frankly, is a lot more impressive. I honestly don't know, and yet I can't bring myself to throw them away. MAC boxes, you will be with me till my dying day.

But the particular idiosyncrasy that spurred this post is one that I have had for nearly four years. I can pinpoint the day on which this one began. (That day being September 12, 2011) And, in our quickly progressing society, it is quite the inhibitor. This odd habit of mine, is that I don't buy music digitally. I mean, I buy the occasional single, but usually I hold out to buy the whole album. Even if just for one or two songs. And it's always the physical album. Always.

 My craziness.

 Moar craziness. These ones are just musicals!

Yes, I just used my laptop to take those pictures because I was too lazy to even use my phone.


Anyway, I can pinpoint the date because that date is the day that I bought the RENT album on iTunes. BUT it was the RENT 'selections' album, so it wasn't the whole show! I felt jipped. I had just wasted $10. So I bought the whole physical album and loved having it as something that I could hold and touch and be the real thing instead of the shit that iTunes had left me with.

Hence the beginnings of the crazy.

So ever since, I've gone with the physical album. This ended up being nice when my first car only took CDs. No tape converter or aux chord for me and my poor iPod. (Yes, I still use an iPod. I really am in the stone age, kiddies.) But now my second car only has a tape player! So my CDs aren't even being used after I rip them onto my computer!

Yet I continue the madness. I just ordered another CD today and minutes before writing this, I sat on iTunes, looking at these songs that I wanted to buy (yes I still use iTunes and not Spotify. I like owning my stuff! I don't like cloud playlists or whatever. Sorry.) waffling over whether I should buy them or buy the whole album, since it was a few songs by the same artist over 3 albums.

And, well, I'm still waffling. Even as I write this post.

I'm finding that a lot of these posts are me telling myself to stop my unhealthy behavior. So that's what I should be doing now. So...sigh. I'm going to buy one of these songs. Maybe. Let me research every song in the album first.

Ugh, I don't know if I can do it. I really like this guy's voice! (It's Darius Rucker, alright? And the CD I already bought was my millionth Rascal Flatts. They're my favorite band, okay?!)

I'm going to work on it, guys. Not every single I like will constitute an album buy, okay? I already have a couple regrets regarding that. (Luke Bryan, Kill the Lights, anyone? Home Alone Tonight is so good it was almost worth it but...I should have just bought the single.)

May we live to fight ourselves another day. But fight the good fight, okay? Don't hurt yourself.

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