Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me a million times...

I suck!

I don't know how I possibly manage it, but somehow I just lose things that I've written all the time. Fortunately this time around it wasn't a whole chapter, it was only a short scene. But it was a short scene for a story that I haven't managed to write anything for in months! And I finally was starting to work my way back into it. Geez...

Dang it...

Look, accidents happen. I do have a couple of memories of documents that I know that I saved but they still went the way of the wind. But that's the minority. Most of these incidents, much like this one today, are my fault; the blame falls squarely on my shoulders and that's that.

So I'm going to leave this short today with only one necessary lesson. Save your work! A million times! Why wouldn't you? Save it every time you so much as minimize it or step away from the computer or even take a sip of your dang coffee.

Do it!

You're literally throwing your time away if you don't.

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